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Special Intelligence System Administrator/Communicator

Wireless doorbells are getting popular nowadays as they are easy to install and use along with adding beauty to your house. They are costly when compared to wired doorbells. But their security features like camera, speaker, microphone, electronic lock release compensate for this increase in cost.

But there are 3 most important factors you should always focus to select right wireless doorbell for you. They are mentioned below-

1. Working Range of Doorbell

This is very important factor. As you should always buy a doorbell which can ring your chime or phone from a large distance. If you have a larger home go for a long-range doorbell and if you have small home then short-range doorbell will work for you. So according to size of your home buy a doorbell whose signal covers all the areas of your home. This will notify you of every visitor on your door.

2. Type of Doorbell

DOORBELLS are of two type INTERCOM and NON-INTERCOM. Intercom Doorbells are popular among buyers who wish to see their visitors before opening the door, as these doorbells have camera feature and send you videos and photos of visitors on your door.

Non-Intercom Doorbells have no such feature and only ring the chime present inside your home when visitors push the button on doorbell. But Non-Intercom doorbells are very less expensive than Intercom and they are very easy to install also.

3. Light Indicator

Doorbells with light indicators are very helpful in-case if you have some hearing problem or wish to mute your chime so that your loved ones don’t get disturb. Then presence of light indicators on your chime help you to get notify of any visitor on your door. As the light present on your doorbell always glares up when the visitor pushes the doorbell.

Apart from these 3 factors there are various other factors also mentioned in our BUYING GUIDE which you must consider before selecting right features doorbell for you.

Dear Readers there are variety of doorbells present in the market which will make you confuse what to buy. So, making your research task easy we have selected the following ten best and trusted wireless doorbells which you can buy for your home


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